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Starting today you'll be able to create empty clients — putting rest to the requirement that clients needed to contain at least one project. It's been a hotly-requested feature, and great news for those of us who get obsessive over organising work.


To create an empty client, head over to Your Clients and hit the big green plus. It's the same as usual, except this time you can skip the part where you select which projects to add. Voila... empty client.

Agencies have been using clients to organise versions of the same brief, or multiple streams of work under the same client — great if you're doing the brand at the same time as a website, for example. The benefit now is that once you create and share your client publicly, you don't need to worry about it disappearing, or the URL changing.

Wait, are those empty clients in my account?

Er, it's not a bug... it's a feature. A side effect to this change is that any clients that have disappeared on your account in the past (due to deleting projects) have been miraculously resurrected! This will only affect a small number of accounts, but explains why you might see the ghostly reminders of clients-past. They're safe to delete.


More work is planned in the coming weeks on making clients even easier to create — but until then, the easiest (and most fun) way is to drag one project on top of another to merge them. Magic!


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