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February Updates

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Updates this month come in the form of addressing some of the issues and requests that you've been sending in this year. But as always, it's the details that make the difference.


One of the main things you'll notice is an edit icon in the top right of your project pages (above). That's a little menu that contains lots of different ways to manage and share your projects, all in one handy spot.

The menu also contains a link to the 'Show all' page, which is a simple display of all the images in any project —€“ useful for getting a good overview of a projects contents.


Interaction updates

There have also been some updates to the way you rename and and add subtitles to your projects. Until now, renaming didn't require any action - since your changes were autosaved as you typed them. As it turns out, that's not too reassuring — so now you'll see a nice big 'Save' button.


Lastly, there have been some stability updates plus a few improvements to the UI. And if you haven't already seen it, here is a case study I wrote about the design of Prevue. As always there's plenty of new and exciting stuff on the horizon - but keep those improvements coming!

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